Post radiation irritation

my skin is clearing up with the help of silvadene cream, but my but crack is extremely irritated. I hope this clears up soon. Did anyone have any parts (of skin in pelvic area) that took a long time to improve? I have taken so many sitz baths. I don’t know what else to do.

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Hi Ginny. It took about a year for my skin to heal completely. I applied organic coconut and hemp oils to the sore area and used wet wipes only. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs.
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Hi Ginny, it does get better. Aquaphor was a life saver for me. It took a few months (about 3) for my butt crack area to feel better. That radiation is no joke, your skin does eventually heal though. Do you have pain killers, they really took the edge off for me. Hugs to you!
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Hi Ginny, Yes, it took forever for everything to heal, but it does. One thing my doctor warned me about was no Jacuzzi for two years.

I'm 8 years post treatment but Aquaphor is still my best friend. That whole area is very easily irritated still.

Hope you improve soon!
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Try drying with a cool blow dryer after sitz bath. I used RadioplexRx cream,

you need a prescription, and maybe can find it locally, our non-chain pharmacies carry it. I call it the miracle cream! My husband had a bad chemical burn and it healed up it 2 days. Also make sure your white cell count is adequate, if low, healing is delayed. It WILL get better, sorry you did not find us until now, but so glad you did! Welcome!
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Welcome here, but sorry you have a reason to be join us. I was treated back in 2008 and remember what terrible shape my skin was in. I used Aquaphor and Silver Sulfadiazine. You have finished treatment, so it may take a few weeks for your skin to heal. Avoid toilet paper, it's too abrasive. Do not do what I did and avoid taking pain medication. Hang in there, things will get better!
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Good morning Ginny and welcome! Sorry you are having a bad time but you will find the best advice possible from this community...we've lived it!

Excellent suggestions here. I'm nine years out and still rely on Aquaphor to just keep everything lubricated. My dermatologist was a big help in the immediate aftermath of the treatment.

Soft wipes rather than toilet paper...really soft toilet paper is ok but in public places or even nice hotels what you get is like barbed wire!

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Yes, it seemed like many parts took forever to heal. But what helped me most was Weleda Diaper Rash Cream, Calendula. As a mother in the distant past, I had used this on my baby daughter when she had diaper rash and bright red tender skin and I thought - what the hell, nothing else has worked very much for me, so I'll try it. And it helped me a lot - no only to soothe the tissues but there are ingredients that help the healing process such as calendula and zinc. I did not like the ingredients in many of the doctor recommended products, some including petroleum products. I am sensitive to chemicals and many synthetic substances. So, was actively looking for a gentle and hopefully effective solution. Good luck with continued healing. I am a year after finishing treatments now and totally healed up in regard to skin irritations.
Thanks for the Calendula recommendation. I’d rather not have this skin problem 8 + years out, but trying to take it a day at a time 🤗
Just to clarify, the product is Calendula Diaper Rash Cream, and the company that makes it is Weleda. I tried straight up calendula ointment and different calendula creams, but none of those worked. Only that specific diaper rash cream. I hope this helps! Big hug to you - things will improve with time. And keep on experimenting and searching for what works best for you. My attitude was - I have a problem (actually many new ones) and I need to find solutions! I kept asking professionals and searching myself and I came up with a way to survive each of the challenges, one day at a time, despite as hard as it was to go through.
Hi Ginny, don't know how long u are from radiation but my skin closed after 3 weeks or so but continues to be mildly sensitive until now and I am 9 months out. I increased protein intake to assist burns in healing. As long as skin was opened, I used Silvadine cream twice a day to prevent infection.
I am only one month from completing radiation. The butt crack thing is the most annoying. Biggest problem is exercise helps with recovery but it’s the exercise that irritates my skin. Think I will also try calendula as suggested. Seeing dermatologist later this month.
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