It’s been just over 6 weeks since I finished radiation/chemo treatment. I still experience an itchy feelings, and sometimes pain, in my anus. I have also noticed some puss excretions. Is this “normal”? Is this because there is still inflammation? I see my doctor this week but thought I would ask you too.

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I had itching for a few months I think. Hydrocortisone ointment helped a lot. Regarding your puss excretions...Is it a real puss? I had some mucus coming out, and my doc said that it's because of inflammation. You are still in a healing process. Hugs!
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I think it is because of inflammation. You are correct. Thanks for you quick response!
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Hi Ginny! It doesn't surprise me! I had terrible itching for several weeks while I healed but definitely check it out when you see your doctor. As far as the excretion...are you sure it's not mucous? I had a lot of mucous for the first few has finally subsided after 5 years. Give yourself lots of time to heal. It's a process for sure.
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Wow 5 years! I am really learning patience, dammit!
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Completely normal, based on my experience. Healing can take a few months, so don't get discouraged.
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Congrats on completing treatment. I had pain and mucus for couple of months post treatment not to mention few other symptoms too. Radiation is still emitting therapy so inflammation is there. It will get better Ginny
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Sounds normal. I still have mucous periodically. Thankfully, I never experienced the itching others have described. Full healing takes a while.
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All normal from my experience.
Hang in there.
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Congratulations on finishing your cure. I would just follow-up with your doc and see if ye ole Preparation H wipes will be okay?
Gosh, I would not use that product on radiated tissue! It has astringent, phenylephrine, pramoxine, and hydrocortisone, yikes! we would be using it during treatment if it were a good idea. And since many of us were told we had hemorrhoids, instead of the correct diagnosis, and it delayed our treatment...yikes!
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that's why I would definitely ask the doctor, as I am not one, I just know it helps with hemorroids. I hope the doc has some better advice than mine...
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