It’s the shits sometimes

I am about 3 months since completing treatment (standard radiation and Chemo), and I am still having “surprise” uncontrollable bowel movements. I could wear adult diapers, but instead carry an extra pair of underwear.  Will this symptom eventually go away?  Anyone know if this is an indication of continued inflammation or just “normal” lack of sphincter control? Feeling desperate and a bit depressed.

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It might be an indication for either one or for both. I've finished my radiation in November'17 but still have problems with urgency and inconvenience. However, some people get their control back.
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Most of us suffer from urgency issues that are ongoing to one degree or another. I take an immodium now and again when needed but I have had accidents on occasion and urgency frequently. Kind of a new normal .
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It gets better, but accidents still happen a few years out. You can wear pads, and just always know where the nearest bathroom is. Sometimes different foods make it worse-for me it’s dairy. But it does improve - hang in there!
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I still have the occasional accident 6 years later. Probiotics help. Dairy and fatty foods are the culprit for me. Most of us keep an "emergency kit" in our car. One person recommended always having a sweater with you, in case you need to tie it around your waist. Keeping a food diary might help to discern what causes urgency. Hope this sorts out for you soon.
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I'm about 8 years NED and still have accidents. It's my crappy new normal. My tumor was big so I had 7 weeks of radiation rather than the standard 6. I've lost a lot of sphincter strength and control. And I think there must be some sensory nerve damage too as I can't always feel when I need to poo before the "gotta run to the bathroom" urgency sets in. I also have irritable bowel syndrome that existed before my anal cancer treatment but has increased since treatment. Basically it's a shitty situation! When I'm having an IBS flare up, I wear Depends that are like underpants. Or I keep a Depends in my tote bag. This week I started avoiding certain foods as recommended by Harvard Health website on IBS: coffee, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, dairy (my favorite foods), plus fried & fatty foods, fruit juice, soda, and sports drinks (no biggie to avoid these.) I'm only on day 3 so can't report yet. Bottoms up, Ginny! Here's the Harvard Health link.
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Me too, on the sensory control. Pelvic all the way down; sometimes it takes a full minute to tell my legs/feet what to do.
I went through the same thing post-treatment. It did go away but when I feel an inkling, I do not ignore it. Keep those extra wipes and underwear with you; I've had a few small accidents where I had to hold my ass until I made it to a toilet (lol).
I wear Depends and carry an extra pair along with wipes. I can never predict when or where. I feel better safe then sorry.
Please know that it gets better. Some foods, some beverages make it worse. I’m 7 years out and always carry an extra pair of undies. Ive never needed them but its good to know you have them. If I’m going to the bathroom a lot never trust a fart! It gets so much better!
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This is a fairly common issue among us, but it does get better with time. Also, diet can play a huge role in this. You might try keeping a food journal to see if you can identify any specific trigger foods. Imodium can be very effective and can be used long term. I wish you the best in dealing with this after effect of treatment.
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