Leakage/incontinence problems?

For anyone recovering from radiation after anal cancer, i highly recommend the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center (located in San Francisco and a few other cities) to help stop sudden leakage/sphincter control/anal in continence issues. They are very helpful physical therapists who work to help you resolved pelvic floor irregularities caused by radiation. I heard about them through the NY anal cancer foundation and I am seeing improvement.  Of course high fiber foods and Metamucil help too. I also did 5 rounds of hyperbaric chamber, which couldn't hurt.

Annabelle sent you a hug.
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Good to know!
Thanks Ginny..sounds like a great program.
Thanks for posting this info.
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Lymph node in hip

Kaiser Northern California

June 14

Anal pain, narrow and frequent bowel movements, leakage, general irritation

6 weeks, very painful skin peeling, bleeding, razor like bowel movements


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